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Selected Work in Print

Memory Effects: The Holocaust and the Art of Secondary Witnessing

By Dora Apel

"Jim Friedman’s ’12 Nazi Concentration Camps’ constitutes an important challenge to the largely sacralized and romanticized work of other photographers on this topic. His exploration of the elegiac impulse of second and third generations to return to the sites of the catastrophe offers an uncompromising and original strategy for the memory work of later generations.”

Love and Desire

By William A. Ewing

Esquire Russia, May, 2016

By Ekaterina Furceva

Sports Illustrated: The Golf Book

Forward by Roy Blount Jr.

Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age

By Robert Hirsch

Landscapes and Mindscapes: An Exhibition of Contemporary American Photography

American Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium

The Golf Book

By Chris Millard


Exhibition materials from the Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York, New York